I don’t normally do personal posts, but I just had to share!  This weekend between shoots Elizabeth helped me to do some packaging!  She had just gotten a certificate for tying her bows so she insisted on tying them for the flashdrive packages.  If you got one this week, it was hers!  Also – she personally inspected each box.  I absolutely loved how she independently put hearts for the dots on her I’s… wonder where she got that idea.  😉  So I thought this would be a chance to share a little behind the scenes – this is what happens when it’s a shipping day at the Beach house!

GE6A8988  GE6A9011 GE6A8997 GE6A8998  GE6A9001 GE6A9009  GE6A9013 GE6A9014 GE6A9020 GE6A9030  GE6A9044