I’ve mentioned I love wedding because, well, I do – if you’ll excuse the pun. 🙂 Every wedding is different… and every wedding is the same underneath it all. It’s that “same” part that I love the most, as boring as that might sound to some. I love the anxious morning getting ready, the laughter at one mishap or another or simply at the joy of being with the people you love, the inevitable tear as the loving parent gives their child’s hand to their loving partner waiting for them at the end of a long aisle and the timeless kiss as two individuals become one family. It’s those moments that are so special and while they are a common thread in all weddings, they are also what makes each wedding so unique and personal to each bride and groom.

So what do I have to bring to your wedding? It’s my eye. It’s my love and respect for such a special day that shows through in my work. Every shot is colored with emotion and awe – and that’s the way I feel every wedding deserves to be captured.


The engagement session is a private portrait session taken before your wedding. Many couples use these pictures in their announcements and guestbooks. If you choose to add a custom guest book to your package this is where the picture for that book will come from. If not – then the engagement session isn’t necessary but I highly recommend it. This is a chance for us to get to know each other a little more as well as to learn how we will work together behind the camera.  It may not seem like it is important, but it will truly make a difference on your wedding day because it will be one less thing to worry about.  Nervous about being in front of the camera?  Worried about how the pictures will turn out?  The engagement session will put your mind at ease so that you can focus on your big day.  And – it’s a freebie.  Why not?!?  🙂


You can book your engagement session anytime that you like from the week you have booked your wedding to the month of your wedding.  It is important to keep in mind that if you would like the pictures back for your guestbook or announcements you should give yourself a little leeway so that there will be ample time for everything to get done. Generally, you will get your engagement pictures in an online gallery the week of your session and your CD within roughly 2 weeks.  The guestbook design process takes about two weeks from the time of your session for the first draft then however long it takes for us to go back and forth with the design – typically another 1-2 weeks.  Once the design is approved it will take another 6-7 weeks to get the guestbook back from the manufacturer.  Typically the latest you would want to have your engagement session and reasonably be able to get your guestbook in time would be 3 months before your wedding day.  Anything after that will be cutting it close.  😉


Simple – the one and only package.  You simply decide that yes, you’d like to work with me and then add on whichever options you feel are the most important to you.  Parents albums, guestbooks, coffee table vs flushmount wedding albums… it’s all up to you.  You will receive special wedding pricing on all these items whether you choose to buy them before your wedding or up to a year after.  So take your time and enjoy knowing that there is no rush to choose!  This is how you are going to tell your wedding story after all so I want you to really pick what is right for you!


Why just one photographer you might ask?  Well, I really believe that your wedding day should be about you.  I want you to both be completely at ease and enjoy your day without a complete entourage of professionals following your every move like you’re on the set of the Real Housewives so I prefer to be very low-key.  I will stand back and hang out with you and hopefully blend in with your group so that you don’t remember that you’re on camera – and that’s when all the real moments happen.   To make up for this I come super-over prepared for your wedding day.  I will visit every spot we plan to hit (literally I will drive to each and have a look around), go through your ceremony location at the same time of day so I can see the light and make a game plan based on the info you’ve given me so that I know the best spots to be for each moment during your wedding.  Wonder if it works?  Send me an email and I’ll pass along one of my recent weddings so you can see for yourself. 🙂


You’ve read and re-read all the options.  You’ve checked out several photographers and you are ready to go.  To secure your wedding day photography in my schedule you’ll need to fill out the wedding contract and send me a $400 non-refundable deposit.  I book all my clients on a first-come-first served basis.  I will do my best to make sure everyone knows if more than one person is looking at a certain day, but ultimately I can’t hold a day until I’ve received your contract and deposit.  And please, if you have any questions at all let me know!! 🙂  I promise I had a million questions myself when it was my wedding so feel free to ask away!