The first thing you probably need to know – how much does this cost??  The answer – the same as any other portrait session.  My session fee is $150 (plus tax) and includes the proposal/session, sneak peek on my blog and/or Facebook if you want them (pleeease double check to make sure you don’t need to keep the proposal a secret until you have told appropriate parties in person!  The last thing you want is your grandma to be devastated to find out about your engagement on social media rather than directly from you!) and a private gallery of all your finished proofs.  Anywhere from 30-80 images depending on how long our session ends up lasting.  From the gallery you can choose if you want to purchase the flashdrive of all images, a few digital downloads, prints, albums, etc.  You know, all the fun stuff.  😉  Those prices are here – Print Prices Page

This is completely up to you.  There are sooo many amazing spots to propose around St. Louis!  You should definitely choose a spot that is special to you both or a place with a scene that appeals to both of you.  What kind of locations have you guys been drawn to in the past?  Does your soon-to-be fiance have a favorite spot?  We can definitely talk through the possibilities as well – just let me know what you are leaning towards and I can suggest some locations to fit  your needs.  🙂  When possibly I love to have the chance to meet with you ahead of the proposal at the spot that you have chosen so that we can meet each other (easier to identify each other on the day of if we’ve already met!) and we can plan the logistics of the proposal itself.  Do you plan on walking in from a certain spot?  Do you want your soon-to-be fiance to see me and “know” what is up or keep it a surprise until the very moment you propose?  The more we discuss the smoother your proposal will go – and it will hopefully lesson your worries about to have a plan in place.  🙂

Fabulous!  Your next step is to contact me to plan the proposal!  I’ve booked proposals that are many months away and with as little as 2 days notice – it really just depends on you!  Whenever you know you want me so shoot your proposal send me an email/call and we can get started with your planning!!