St. Louis Family Photography | Queeny Park

This weekend I got to meet up with the L family for another family session!!  I absolutely love the chance to catch up with this amazing family!  We opted for Queeny Park near the dog museum and took a walk around the buildings letting little Miss L enjoy the scenery the whole way around.  Thank you soo much for such a great morning and I cannot wait to see [...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Concordia Park

This week I was lucky enough to meet up with Zach and Gianna for their super sweet proposal!  Zach took Gianna for a walk through Concordia Park on the way to dinner and along the path he surprised her with a sweet proposal!!  She was delighted and it was such a sweet moment!!!  We took a short walk around the park and gave Gianna time to get used to her ama[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | MO Botanical Garden

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with an awesome senior!!  Marissa and her mom met me at the MO Botanical Garden and it was a blast!  We took a walk around and managed to find her favorite colors along the way!  We even found a bee or two as well but that didn't stop our fun.  🙂  Thanks so much to Marissa (and her mom!!) for a fabulous morning and I[...]

St. Louis Baby Photography

Oh so excited to share this little one's photo shoot!  We did little Mr. G's 6 month shoot and I cannot believe how big he has gotten!  He started off a little shy and then quickly started in with the smiles.  We laughed, played on the ground, sang silly songs and it was so much fun!  I absolutely love getting to spend time with this family and I cannot wait[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Mount Pleasant Winery

Sooo excited to share this sweet proposal!  Jacob planned a trip out to Mount Pleasant Winery which included a tour of the facilities.  Once they got to the wine cellar he surprised Keren with a bottle of wine set up for them to have a private moment.  It was there that he then surprised her with a proposal as well!  Sooo incredibly sweet and Keren was so ha[...]

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Valley Farms

So excited to share Briana and Nathan's big day!  They got married at Valley Farms and it was such a perfect day!  We started off with the ladies taking a ride up to the bridal cabin - yep a full separate cabin - where they got ready for the day.  The guys stayed down at the main venue in Valley Farms where they got to hang out before the ladies came back do[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Lafayette Square Park

This weekend I got to meet up with Zoe (and family!) for her senior portraits!  Zoe took some time away from her figure skating to walk through Lafayette Park with me and I'm so glad she did!  We had an idyllic moment with a swan and played in the leaves for a bit before wrapping up for the day.  Thanks so much to Zoe for a great afternoon and hope you have [...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Concordia Seminary

This past weekend I got to shoot another super amazing proposal!  Tanner and Corinne got engaged at the Concordia Seminary and it was super cute!  Tanner took Corinne for a walk through the courtyard and when he got to the archway proposed!  These two were sooo happy for the entire shoot!  We took a walk around in the greenway, watched a couple of squirels/d[...]

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