Oh so excited to share this fun couple’s wedding day with you!!  I started the day off with Brittany at the hotel with her large family – I felt very much at home!!!  🙂  I love big families!!  After getting wedding-ready we headed to St. Mary Magdalen Magdalen in Brentwood for their ceremony.  The rain held off in the morning but then came in full force after their wedding finished – good luck on your wedding day though, right?  So we went with the flow and picked spots along the way.  First stop the Muny in Forest Park – the guys showed off their softer side with the flowers and Brittany and Nick were their usual cute selves!  Next we headed to the Arch and the graffiti wall – fun! – then we headed back towards the hotel with a quick stop at the steps of the Old Courthouse where we ran into some firemen who offered their fire truck as a prop!  Um… yes, thank you!!  How sweet!  Then we headed back to the City Center Hotel for their fun filled reception!!  Thanks sooo much to Brittany and Nick and a huge congratulations!!

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