This past weekend I had the chance to once again meet up with the S family!  I was literally shocked to see how old everyone looked!!!  We were combining a senior shoot with a family shoot – so I knew the oldest was going to be “adult”… but wow!  I LOVE seeing this family grow up!!  We took a walk around Bee Tree, talked about college and found a bird’s nest – and learned to not lean in quiiiite so close when checking it out.  😉  Thanks so much to the S family for a great morning!!!

family-photography-5 family-photography-9 family-photography-13 family-photography-17 family-photography-18 family-photography-27 family-photography-29 family-photography-40 family-photography-58  family-photography-60 family-photography-63 family-photography-65 family-photography-68 family-photography-109