This weekend I finished off with a bang – literally!  John and Kayla had their engagement session and it was wonderful!  We met at the entrance to the zoo – one of the stops along the way for a scavenger hunt that John had made for his proposal.  I know, right?!?  How sweet!  He also had Kayla stop at the Art Museum so that was our next stop.  We danced, John conquers his fear of heights, had some laughs.  Then we stopped by the World’s Fair pavilion to get some fun moments playing with the dandelions.  We headed up to the pavilion itself for more casual shots to find that the storm which had been threatening earlier seemed to be about to hit us any moment.  Kayla and John were awesome hanging out in the storm with me to get some extra drama shots.  Thanks soooo much for another fun time with you two!  I cannot wait for your wedding!!!