St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This past week I had the chance to meet up with another super fun family.  We had some amazing laughs over just about everything while trying to keep warm.  The breeze was great for hair (like a wind machine sometimes!!) but not so much for comfort.  Thanks so much for a great morning!!         

St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This past holiday week I got the chance to meet up with the A family at Forest Park.  We started off at the Grand Basin and when the rain started up we headed over to the World's Fair Pavilion so we could be in a move covered spot for some more shots and funny shenanigans.  We even got some funny holiday shots too!!  Thanks so much to the A family for a grea[...]

The Flushmount Album and the Coffee Table Album - which is which???

I wanted to give everyone a little more detail on which album is which and why you would pick either.  I offer two album types at the moment - the heavy and formal flushmount album and the more casual and sleek coffee table album.  Both are amazing options and each comes with their own perks. First up is the flushmount album.  It's signature love is the t[...]

Packaging Fun!

I don't normally do personal posts, but I just had to share!  This weekend between shoots Elizabeth helped me to do some packaging!  She had just gotten a certificate for tying her bows so she insisted on tying them for the flashdrive packages.  If you got one this week, it was hers!  Also - she personally inspected each box.  I absolutely loved how she inde[...]

USB Case/Booklet - NEW for 2014!

I was sooooo excited yesterday!  The final pieces for my very first two brides (Emily and Jaclyn - can't wait to get these to you!!!!!) to get the new USB case/booklets finally arrived!  Yay!!!!!  Sooo excited in fact that I felt it was necessary to get some shots to show you all what I've been talking about!  These cases come custom - so it does takes a lit[...]

Fun Kids Portraits At Home

So when I got home from a shoot today I had to take a quick family picture for my MIL.  While I was there I moved my desk and created an impromptu studio for the kids.  It was just a casual fun 15 minutes fooling around with the kids, but since so many of you share your family pictures, I thought I'd share a couple of mine too!!         

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