USB Case/Booklet - NEW for 2014!

I was sooooo excited yesterday!  The final pieces for my very first two brides (Emily and Jaclyn - can't wait to get these to you!!!!!) to get the new USB case/booklets finally arrived!  Yay!!!!!  Sooo excited in fact that I felt it was necessary to get some shots to show you all what I've been talking about!  These cases come custom - so it does takes a lit[...]

Fun Kids Portraits At Home

So when I got home from a shoot today I had to take a quick family picture for my MIL.  While I was there I moved my desk and created an impromptu studio for the kids.  It was just a casual fun 15 minutes fooling around with the kids, but since so many of you share your family pictures, I thought I'd share a couple of mine too!!         

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